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Zeppelin or Comet Holmes ?


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This comment was posted in Sky and Telescope last night ! "Holmes

Posted by David December 10, 2007 At 04:29 PM PST

Just witnessed a major outburst from comet Holmes around 5:30AM CST 12/10/07. Was very bright and you could see the nucleus very distinctly. It looked like waves of material were coming off the comet. All this with naked eye. About a half hour later the comet was invisible to naked eye again. "

I did not get a ticket to the show but I did witness this event on the night the Zeppelin flew again, no kidding and it was an awesome sight here on the east coast ! Could this be our sign ,LOL ! Had to really look for any witnesses besides my neighbors and found this comment. I added the Zeppelin comparison to "Davids comet....comment !

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