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Can you Youtube a "Happy Birthday Rudy" with Led Zeppelin Flavor

Celia Escalante

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My best friend's birthday is coming up in November.

He's a very good person. He donates his time to help students stay in school and he works very hard to protect the planet. His passion is everything that involves Led Zeppelin. He's probably never gone to a concert because he's made a lot of sacrifices in his life to help his family who raised him to be a light in this world. (He's even more of a good person than this.)

Post your videos online wishing him a happy birthday (for example, Happy Birthday, Rudy.) and post your links here so I can send it to him via e-mail or something. If you can play or sing a Led Zeppelin song or have any images or videos, then it would be great if you add them to your video. Just mention something, enthusiastically, towards Led Zeppelin with the birthday greeting. Please make it clean, I appreciate it.

Thank you!

Led Zeppelin: immortal!!!

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