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"The Song Remains The Same"

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Robert, Jimmy, John,.........You guys still Rock! Incredible!

I was not one of the privledged few that attended Monday nights concert however, I was fortunet enough to view both Stairway to Heaven and Kashmir on You Tube. Talk about making the hair on the back of your neck stand up! I firmly believe that the spirit of John Bonham is flowing through the hands of Jason, Its amazing to watch. I think it would have been next to impossible for any other drummer to keep pace with Page/Plant/Jones through these songs. He didn't skip a beat and you can see Page at the end of Kashmir giving him the nod, truly incredible! Additionally, I would like to give credit to Page, Plant and Jones..... At 60 ish they still rock! Zep at this age will put any modern era band to shame. I truly enjoyed the videos. I wanted to roll a couple of doobs and start chasing some girls around High School, however at my age I would definately get arrested.......LOL

In closing I would also like to ask the band should they read this entry, Please consider a world tour.... don't deprive the world and the younger generations the opportunity to be part of your history/legacy. I would bet you would sell-out stadiums around the globe for multiple nights each city. While I,m sure none of you need the money, it may be a way to raise alot of money for charity. Please consider it? I know I for one, would love to take my 10 year old son to see your concert and if you can believe this he is already a fan. He has a Zep shirt, multiple songs on his Ipod and would love to see you in concert (Not my influence either). History repeating itself. I know there is for sure new generations of fans that are dying to see you live.

I truly enjoyed the video clips. I will certainly buy a DVD if it becomes available.

Best regards,

Eagerly Awaiting Tour Announcement in Miami

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