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Punch Brothers documentary with John Paul Jones


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Just learnt that there's a documentary of the Punch Brothers where John Paul Jones makes an appearance.

It's called "How to Grow a Band" and was directed by Mark Meatto. The film was shot on locations in the United Kingdom and the United States and follows mandolinist and lead singer Chris Thile at a turning point in his life as he embarks on the formation of the band and on the writing of a 45-minute suite "for mandolin, fiddle, banjo, guitar, double bass and voice".

The film premiered last year at the Nashville Film Festival and features commentary by Yo Yo Ma, John Paul Jones, Edgar Meyer, Jerry Douglas and Sara Watkins.

For a complete list of theatres where the film is screening you can visit www.punchbrothersmovie.com

There's also a very informative press kit here: http://punchbrothers...AB_PressKit.pdf


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Thanks for the update. Funny how John Paul Jones is just as steeped in the exploration of roots music as Plant (if not more so) yet the same folks that slam Plant for it never direct any of that vitriol at Jones. Not that either of them deserve it, I just find it odd that Plant's called out for it but Jones never is.

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