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  1. Minor Alps / Get There Joseph Arthur / Ballad of Boogie Christ Galaxie 500 / Today
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F-SqOitvrc
  3. Thank you Strider!! Congratulations to Led Dirigible.
  4. For some reason I've always had issues with the word proud, pride, according to what I've read it probably derives from one's self esteem, although what's the barrier between modesty and low self-esteem it'd probably be hard to define. Then there's the expression "rest on one laurels", which I believe describes people who have been too proud of an achievement, for too long, not realizing the moment they were overtaken by more younger or zealous rivals. Of course I'm proud of several achievements, but this is not the place to discuss them, I believe, I also think I'm proud of different things at different points of my life, in the mid nineties I was proud of meeting governors and C.E.O.s and Craig Barrett at some point, pride must be an ephemeral emotion.
  5. Janvier


    "Clos de los Siete": Argentinean wine (2005) label on the back of the bottle says: 50% Malbec, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah, 10% Merlot, alcohol 13%.
  6. I've been watching some episodes of Star Trek Voyager, I have noticed that other planets they visit don't seem to differ much from ours, there are Senates, courts, just as there are here on Earth, also, capitalism seems to be the dominant system on other galaxies, there's talk of currencies and monetary exchanges, I think they're sending an implicit message that capitalism exists everywhere regardless of time and space. Also, the civilisations they visit are either very advanced or very primitive, in one episode there's a planet where the bartering system is still in place, but this is also an historical/economical distortion as it would imply that feudalism, or any other economic system, would eventually settle in those primitive planets. I don't complain, the episodes are entertaining, but I wish they were more imaginative and life in other planets was actually different than it is in our planet. How come a people like the Banean sit down to supper, just like most families in, say, the United States, and how come they're familiar with the concept of hospitality?
  7. So, Facebook wants to know: - where do I work - where did I go to high school - which city do I live in - where did I grow up - what is my relationship status pretty intrusive!!
  8. Dudley Moore and Dustin Hoffman.
  9. Highly recommend this year's re-issue of 1995's Mad Season. Surviving members of the band teamed up with notable Seattle musicians Mark Lanegan and Peter Buck to finish new songs on which the band was working during the mid nineties. Recommended if you are a fan of grunge music -which I'm not, I like the blues influence that permeates through the album.
  10. Glad you found this interesting, zepofile. I'm looking forward to obtaining a physical copy of this, although they often post some of their content online.
  11. so many images It took some time for this thread to load on my computer. Adding another one, Mr. Plant with Tracey Donaldson of New Zealand´s radio station The Rock, image dated April 11th on her facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/TraceyDonaldsonTheRock
  12. Quick mention of Robert Plant's pre-Zeppelin days in this interview with Jon Anderson.
  13. Upcoming May/June issue of Origin Magazine carries an exclusive Robert Plant interview, Alanis Morissette on the cover.
  14. Best I have seen this year so far, look forward to the DVD.
  15. Sam Webmaster and Steve A Jones, thank you for clarifying this to me.
  16. Thanks for the info. Would you happen to know why there is no mention of the Heart dates on jblze.com? Unless of course they consider this a purely Heart business which it is, but I was expecting to see some sort of note on the website?
  17. Seven Chinese Brothers - R.E.M.
  18. This is probably a mistake (since I understand that Jason Bonham is no longer drumming with Foreigner) the media In Perú are saying that Jason Bonham is playing with Foreigner this next Tuesday, April 2nd, in Lima. Mr. Bonham's name is associated with Foreigner in most press reports I've seen from Perú, just wanted to mention this. Here's an example from Teleticket:
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