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  1. I still remember when he joined The Dream Syndicate on that same stage, can't believe it's been two years already! Great band, The Days of Wine and Roses is one of my favourite albums.
  2. Only person they need up there is Robyn Hitchcock and this would be a full Venus 3 reunion.
  3. I stumbled upon this content on the website of the county of Finnmark, a region located in the extreme northeastern part of Norway bordering Finland to the South, Russia to the East. It shows John Paul Jones in the company of mostly R.E.M. personnel: guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and multi-instrumentalist Scott McCaughey (along with Steve Wynn, formerly of The Dream Syndicate and artist Michele Noach). The entry on ffk.no, using google translation from Norwegian to English, reads: It was during Monday's press conference (that) we got to meet the world-renowned musicians who have arrived (in) Vadsø. to play the mini festival Ice Station. Another report, posted on the website of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) quotes John Paul Jones as saying that the group of musicians arrived on the invitation of Australian artist Michele Noach. According to NRK: "Jones will also look Vadsø landmark Airships Masta, where polar heroes Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile moored before his expeditions in the 20th century. The artists will also visit the memorial of witch burnings in Vardø and hopefully see both reindeer and northern lights - even though the weather forecast offers little hope for the latter" (google translation from Norwegian). Here are some links to the content (in Norwegian) and source of the photo reprinted here on the forum: http://www.nrk.no/finnmark/r.e.m--og-zeppelin-stjerner-spiller-joik-i-vadso-1.12644253http://www.altaposten.no/lokalt/kultur/2015/11/09/Historisk-samling-av-verdensstjerner-11789528.ecehttps://www.facebook.com/finnmarkfylkeskommune
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHZfY2AjVz8
  5. Janvier


    I'd go to Russia anytime, any day. The Western media just exaggerates and paints a biased picture of the land and its people, who are always kind and welcoming of strangers. Of course I wouldn't go to Sochi this time of year, these type of events tend to inflate the prices of just everything: accommodation, food, etcetera, I'd rather go some other time when the crowds recede.. There were also attacks during the Atlanta Olympics, and I didn't see people revising their travel plans, it was an attitude of "we'll prevail over the terrorists", so why can't mother Russia prevail over these people whoever they are?
  6. Robyn Hitchcock, Scott McCaughey, Joseph Arthur, Peter Buck, John Paul Jones, Corin Tucker, Jakob Dylan.
  7. Sources: http://www.colours.cz/novinky/robert-plant-prvni-hvezdou-colours-2014/ http://kultura.idnes.cz/do-ostravy-prijede-robert-plant-dnx-/hudba.aspx?c=A131210_230455_hudba_ob
  8. "Robert Plant with exclusive concert at Bergen Norway Fest 2014! It is with great pleasure that we can introduce Robert Plant as one of the main attractions in Bergen Fest 2014. Thursday 12 June is the date to note". Google translation, sources: http://bergenfest.no/konserter/robert-plant-and-the-sensational-space-shifters/ http://www.nrk.no/hordaland/robert-plant-til-bergenfest-1.11408349
  9. Minor Alps / Get There Joseph Arthur / Ballad of Boogie Christ Galaxie 500 / Today
  10. For some reason I think of her as the new Amy Winehouse.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2F-SqOitvrc
  12. Apparently there's quite a tradition of American country music in Iceland, the movie Cold Fever features several scenes with Icelandic bands playing country music, even Icelandic people wearing cowboy hats. Here's a trailer of the movie which I found on youtube, it's about a Japanese who travels through the Icelandic countryside. Honestly I wish I could learn a lot more from Iceland and its culture, unfortunately the language barrier has prevented me from learning much, and very few of its films are translated let alone subtitled, from time to time I tune in to the Icelandic radio Internet stream, simple curiosity.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5l6MbXu6AQ
  13. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lou-reed-velvet-underground-leader-and-rock-pioneer-dead-at-71-20131027
  14. In all honesty I prefer the current troika of Peter Buck / Scott McCaughey / Bill Rieflin to the old R.E.M. They actively seek to tour and record albums and play small, large venues, in other words they're still committed to music and their fans, which can't be said of other former R.E.M. members.
  15. R.E.M. are still playing, although Michael Stipe is not doing the singing anymore. Yet a very essential R.E.M. line-up is touring quite frequently and even recording albums: Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin and Ken Stringfellow, which is more than enough to me. Sometimes it's Robyn Hitchcock doing the singing, others the guy from Death Cab for Cutie whose name I haven't memorised, then Ed Kowalzcycz (not spelled right!) Colin Meloy, Steve Wynn, Joseph Arthur or Gary Lightbody. The Kinks would be very interesting in my opinion, I think they all (sort of) reunited on the occasion of a documentary that was made. I never really get into Rilo Kiley, don't think I remember any of their songs, and probably I wouldn't be much excited about an Oasis reunion, given the problems between the members (whom I think are brothers if I recall correctly) I think their time as a band has expired. It's really sad when your favourite bands break-up but one has to admit that as in every workplace people have to work as a team, when there's tension between colleagues the workplace becomes unbearable. Then there's the goals, ambitions and aspirations of individual members who don't want to be sidemen the rest of their lives. One must admit that "ideal" lineups only exist at a point in time, our idealisations of a band are only fortunate combinations of place and people at an specific point in time that hardly repeat or stay constant.
  16. Thank you Strider!! Congratulations to Led Dirigible.
  17. Janvier


    I know very few will agree with me, and that really doesn't matter, I'm aware of your own opinions, and I won't even try to persuade you otherwise. And yet with all her faults, I still long for the days when the Soviet Union was a mighty power in economics, sports, politics, science, education. Or course the period when they were an illustrious nation was brief and short lived, but it existed, perhaps in the mid to late seventies and then it all fell apart because a number of people could never adapt to the new era of globalisation that was opening up from the mid to late eighties. They just couldn't keep up because the economy, and the political system, would not adapt to the new era while society had already changed. And I agree with Disco Duck, you cannot label an entire people, 150 million strong, because of the deeds of a few amongst them, certainly a lot of people have the German nation in high regard, as hard working and industrious despite the episodes of the past.
  18. Janvier


    Let's not forget the Soviet Union had the most casualties during the war, a most overlooked fact. The number is estimated at over 20 million people dead. I think Russia, the Soviet Union, never recovered from that blow. Of course there was also the Stalinist period which took its toll, but I don't think the Soviets were any worse than the Nazis, all parties committed their share of atrocities. I've been reading, for example, about the internment of Serbs in Croatian camps, in places like Jasenovac, horrifying stories have been documented which are really hard to stomach.
  19. For some reason I've always had issues with the word proud, pride, according to what I've read it probably derives from one's self esteem, although what's the barrier between modesty and low self-esteem it'd probably be hard to define. Then there's the expression "rest on one laurels", which I believe describes people who have been too proud of an achievement, for too long, not realizing the moment they were overtaken by more younger or zealous rivals. Of course I'm proud of several achievements, but this is not the place to discuss them, I believe, I also think I'm proud of different things at different points of my life, in the mid nineties I was proud of meeting governors and C.E.O.s and Craig Barrett at some point, pride must be an ephemeral emotion.
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