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Zurich, Switzerland-Hallenstadion-June 29, 1980


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This was the ninth show of the 1980 European tour. It is one of the best from this tour-just a fantastic show and has an awesome atmosphere. I would say that since they had to cancel the previous show in Nuremburg on June 27, after only three songs, that they were ready to kick some ass. It reminds me of how in 1977 after the San Diego June 19 show where Bonzo wasn't feeling too good and then at the next show in Los Angeles June 21 they played one of the best shows on that tour.

All the songs at this show are just superb except one- and that would be Kashmir. Jonesy and Jimmy get lost and most people would call it a train wreck but I like the live spectrum where anything can happen. It reminds of the version they got lost in at the Los Angeles June 23, 1977 show. It is funny at the end Robert Plant even says "If anybody's bootlegging that you'll have to scratch that number 'cuz it wasn't completely correct. Never mind. We got thru it."

The highlights for me of this show, is a superb version of Train Kept A Rollin with Jonesy really popping the strings on that 8-string bass. An awesome version of Achilles Last Stand and another great version of Heartbreaker-similar to the version at Rotterdam on June 21.

Video footage:


Train Kept a Rollin'

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Black Dog

In The Evening

The Rain Song

Hot Dog

All My Love

Trampled Underfoot

Since I've Been Loving You

Achilles Last Stand

White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


Stairway to Heaven


Rock and Roll


Train Kept A Rollin'


Train Kept A Rollin or Nobody's Fault but Mine


Nobody's Fault but Mine


Nobody's Fault but Mine


In the Evening


Hot Dog


Trampled Underfoot


Most likely Since I've Been Loving You


Either Since I've Been Loving You or Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


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