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UK beef under microscope as horsemeat found in lasagna


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London (CNN) -- UK food safety officials have ordered the testing of all beef products following the discovery of horsemeat in beef lasagna sold by UK firm Findus, only weeks after many meat lovers were horrified to learn horse and pig DNA had been found in burgers.

Testing revealed between 60% and 100% horsemeat in samples of the Findus lasagna, food inspectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland said.

More: Horsemeat found in hamburgers in Britain and Ireland

Findus said it had withdrawn its lasagna -- labeled with the British spelling, "lasagne" -- from stores Monday as a precaution after its French supplier, Comigel, raised concerns about the type of meat used. All other Findus products are unaffected, it said.

Horse, pig meat found in frozen burgers

The latest discovery comes less than a month after the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found that 10 out of 27 hamburger products it analyzed in a study contained horse DNA, while 23 of them tested positive for pig DNA.

In nine out of the 10 burger samples, the horse DNA was found at very low levels, the inspectors said, but in one sample from Tesco, Britain's largest retailer, the horse meat accounted for about 29% of the burger.

The revelation prompted the withdrawal of millions of burgers from supermarket shelves.

The uproar over dubious processed meat has international ramifications, with companies in Poland and France involved as well as some in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In the wake of the Findus discovery, the chief executive of the Food Standards Agency, Catherine Brown, said UK firms must test all their beef products by next Friday.

"The FSA is now requiring a more robust response from the food industry in order to demonstrate that the food it sells and serves is what it says it is on the label," she said.


how can you trust food labelling ?

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If it's sold as Beef lasagne and its really horse meat its false advertising ,they use drugs in horse care that are not aloud in beef production

My point is that you may try tasting it. If it ain't mamma's, it ain't fit for the Dawg. Hey, I am big boned. I know my way around the chow line.


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My point is that you may try tasting it. If it ain't mamma's, it ain't fit for the Dawg. Hey, I am big boned. I know my way around the chow line.

I know what you mean , even though I've never eaten horse , I do know the difference between other types of meat.

Maybe in processed food like lasagne it's harder to tell because there's so little meat or what is used is often reclaimed or lower costing cut joints ,along with all the additives they put in it.

Another problem is different meats are eaten in different countries or areas , the French eat horse meat ,whilst in the UK horses are seen only as pets or working animals , even export for pet food is regulated

I don't know whether it's illegal to sell horse meat in the UK

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