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  1. TSRTS on Palladia. SIBLY is playing now.
  2. Mail Call on the Military Channel. All this gun stuff is so scary. Where are the game shows? I want to be as smart as ole Saggy.
  3. Bangers, Jumbo eggs over easy, grapefruit juice and Coffee.
  4. 2nd Semifinal game. Denver v. Syracuse
  5. Duke v Cornell NCAA Semi-final Lacrosse Game.
  6. Now we have another wisenhiemer. I guess you know all this astrology stuff too. And I bet you are going to tell me you had a 4.0 at Oxford and proofread papers for Stephen Hawkings.
  7. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will align this weekend. Hopefully te weather will cooperate. It is supposed to be spectacular. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/24/us-space-planets-idUSBRE94N0VH20130524
  8. The Magnificent Manny 'Mucho' Machado
  9. Race horses live a very pampered life. An Injury in the past like Barbaros is very devastating to all involved in the sport. Take your liberal agenda to circus.
  10. I realize the time of 1:57 was really slow but I have no idea about this buzzer or lifetime ban. Could you clear these claims.
  11. Headed for stud my man. Don't you wish you could live out your days like that? Another stallion will do all the foreplay with the mares and he'll finish the job. What a life? Or would you rather be the poor sucker who never closes the deal?
  12. Gene Simmons sighting behind Wayne Lucas.
  13. Oxbow. Wire to wire Gary Stephens. Wow !!!
  14. At 10-1. I am taking Valesquez as a mount on MyLuckyDay # 9. I'll box him and Orb with Departing to Show for a Box triple.
  15. Can you hear a guitar in Zero gravity?
  16. ^ There is so much beauty in the oft maligned Dandelion. Thanks for capturing it for us.
  17. Joyce Brothers first TV therapist at 85. RIP.
  18. 'Luca Brasi swims with the fishes'
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