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  1. The O's fans took over Gnats park. A Great win for the Baltimore bats to come alive. Manny is on a tear. O'Day has to be the closer apparent now. I am going back next week to see the Mets series. I'll pull for the home team this time.
  2. TSRTS on Palladia. SIBLY is playing now.
  3. Mail Call on the Military Channel. All this gun stuff is so scary. Where are the game shows? I want to be as smart as ole Saggy.
  4. Bangers, Jumbo eggs over easy, grapefruit juice and Coffee.
  5. Have a great and safe Memorial Day and don't forget to thank our Vets. Maybe The CIC can take a cue from these guys.
  6. If you can remember it you weren't there. Oh that was the 60's sorry.
  7. Yankees have a knack for winning. Even with a decimated team they find a way. Braves seem like they are the real deal along with Texas. They both seem to be showing the most promise.
  8. You are correct! Trivia is far too complicated for my small mind or my fragile ego. I leave that programming to the geniuses. I'd rather watch an episode of Sesame street. I will put the federal dollars to good use, since I couldn't pay attention in school. Have fun trying to keep up with Alex Trabek. That daily double can be a bitch when you have nothing to wager. I bet you know the feeling.
  9. Your self-sanctimony is insulting. Kipper raises a thought provoking thread but it seems that you are the only one that has the ability to dissect it. You lambast Anjin- sin claiming he can't hold more than one thought. Now you can't take a little ribbing.
  10. Funny. "who" I won't name. Good one DD.
  11. 2nd Semifinal game. Denver v. Syracuse
  12. ^ Valencia and Adam Jones kept the long ball alive even with the Dome open. Valencia as sweet as his name in his orange debut. 2 HRs in 2 games. Buck finds another diamond in rough. Not to mention Garcia with his first win.
  13. Duke v Cornell NCAA Semi-final Lacrosse Game.
  14. Saggy, The problem with that philosophy is that the workers and the CEO enetered into a contract that can be rectified at anytime in a free society. Now I know you can keep more than one thought in your mind. So you are thinking the workers have no other options but in reality they do. The CEo can chose not to hire anyone and the worker can decide to not produce. The result would not be beneficial for either. This model of spreading the wealth however involves a third party that is not dependent on the symbiosis of the exec and labor. The buyer supports both management and labor because they benefit from production. The socialist model however taxes a third party that does not directly benefit them. If the the government and dependents of the states programs can not raise enough money they shake the pockets of so called wealthy. Now, I know your head is not spinning cause you have that phd in theology. The social programs that the tax payer funds are not used in proportion to their taxed rates. The more a tax payer pays the less services they use. Let's consider education. Many well paid people, at least where I am from, send their children to private school. Now why would it benefit the tax payer to pay twice for this service. They make the decision that it is inferior product. Why is it inferior you say? Because there is no incentive for the public system to compete. Competition has been removed. Does it sound familiar ? Yeah it's called socialism. That was a failed experiment in Eastern Europe. You may remember that since you can store all that info in your swollen head. Eventually the system will not be able to sustain itself once incentive and the excess wealth of the working class has been Depleted to fund the growing rolls of dependency. So your simple analogy does not work. Go ply your philosophical BS somewhere else.
  15. Now we have another wisenhiemer. I guess you know all this astrology stuff too. And I bet you are going to tell me you had a 4.0 at Oxford and proofread papers for Stephen Hawkings.
  16. This fabeled presidency is more of the wolf in sheep's clothing. Aesop would be having a field day with this one. Divide and conquer my ass. Let the fox in the hen house and he will do more than pillage. Blame your miss information of conservative politics on Fox News all you want but it won't stop this administration from ravaging the rights of a free society. A phony savior to the masses is no friend of the republic principles that this nation was founded upon. His scandals involve the most basic foundation an informed citizenry with the ability to protect itself from a tyrannical government. What will libs give up for your free health care, free cell phones, free housing and free indoctrination by a failed public school system? You'll get your nanny state that allows them to rip fetuses from young mothers that the state can not afford to raise because the cost of political offerings needs to be offset with political favors.
  17. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter will align this weekend. Hopefully te weather will cooperate. It is supposed to be spectacular. http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/24/us-space-planets-idUSBRE94N0VH20130524
  18. Home Run Toronto. Lind Launches the longball.
  19. Adam 'not Pacman' jones just jolted a gem into the cheap seats. O's up 10- 3. Dr. Longball has been officially summonsed to this meeting.
  20. The Magnificent Manny 'Mucho' Machado
  21. I am glad to see you have a good heart. These people are in need of so much right now. There is hope on this site. Deeds like your's give me a renewed faith. When there is so much darkness in the world, with terrorist plots, natural disasters and corruption, any little spark shines a light brightly.
  22. I was at quite a few of those games, 91 wow!! I know was not at that many. BTW it was nice to be able to talk trash to all Pinstripe ponies today. They have all the excuses for why they lost the series. I am glad to see Buck has the ship on 2 game win streak now. Any man that can control bassetts has my vote. It takes a lot of patience and care. Trust me.
  23. It doesn't matter what I am thinking. What is Buck thinking? Johnson has been money. He had only 3 blown saves all last season. Now he has 3 back to back in a row consecutively. I am hoping Gonzalez will right the ship. Taking 2 from NY will still be huge, if the birds can get them.
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