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Your music / Led Zeppelin / fandom room...


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Hi :) I'd like to present to you the wall behind my bed...



It's not all Led Zep stuff but you can see:

- 4 Led Zep posters

- 3 photos of Jimmy

- 3 vinyles

- an Epiphone Led Paul Custom (Black Beauty) and a Danelectro 59-DC :)

- a David Gilmour poster

- concert tikets! (Deep Purple, Scorpions, ZZ Top, Mark Knopfler...) and a Celebration Day theater ticket :D

- 4 picks... (one of them was offer to me by one of my favourite metal one-man-band, also the little vinyle is signed)

- some Minecraft/Minecon stuff

- autographs

- a broken Fender strap

- a French flag (my country) and a Norwegian flag (I love this country)

- astronomy posters

- a Celebration Day zeppelin :D

- various stuff...

What your room looks like ? :D

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