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Led Zeppelin -Signed Artwork


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I have a couple of Signed Led Zepellin large art covers to sell which i bought a few years ago.

One such example is here :- http://www.stpaulsgallery.com/album-prints/jimmy-page-signed-led-zeppelin-4-print.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=286&P_ID=781 BUT I AM NOT ADVERTISING THEM and using that to advise what it is..

I'd like to post a message on the forum to offer them for sale but I am not sure this is allowed or not and I dont want to offend anyone by posting first and annoying you folks.

Can you let me know if that is allowed at all?

I'm not a trader , just an ordinary bloke with a couple of pictures to sell..

Appreciate your responses ... and if you know anywhere I could post such an ad if not allowed here (other than ebay etc) that would also be appreciated..

Thanks in advance...


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