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1977 Tour


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My brother is no longer alive, but I recall having a conversation with him several years ago about this tour. He was a Zep fan, and at the time, he was living in a town in Worcestershire located close to the homes of both Bonham and Plant. He became friends with people who were quite knowledgable about the band through their association with the two families. I remember him telling me of the 1977 tour and the problems that came about due to so many family members and assorted relatives and friends who were given paid jobs on the tour, such as assistants and roadies. Inevitably, these folks weren't really qualified to do these jobs, and their, shall we say "work-ethic", was a little lacking as they never really thought beforehand that this work was physically demanding. I think they thought it would be a few drunken weeks where they threw TVs out of the windows and got to cavort with groupies. "Work? I'm not doing that, I'm John Bonham's cousin". Tensions grew at their poor work habits, and I'm told that there would be silly rounds of Jimmy firing someone, only to have it smoothed over and the job reinstated by the repective family band member. Like I said, this is basically town gossip, but it all seemed pretty convincing based upon what we already know of the tours, in particular the 77 tour.

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