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Way Led Zepp is the grates band?


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Because Led Zeppelin do Music. They play: Rock & Roll, Hard blues, Rock & Blues, Rock-Reggae (niceee Song), etc. And all this in only 12 years plus the reunions. Most bands can do this but in like 30 years (don't meen to offense anybody). And we have J.Page for me the number 1 playing guitar (second = Jimi Hendrix, and 3th Angus Young (acdc)) for example, then Boham: he was the best drummer, and his son who plays real nice too, and Plant (59 year old) singing like.. well you know better than me.

So what more people needs to understand that?

Here you have the answer.

I just want to said this. Because some ones out there don't have the mind to understand this.

That is the way i feel now and forever.

take care...

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