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BBC4's 'The People’s History Of Pop' wants to hear your North East memories


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15 Oct 2015 | By David Morton

Newcastle City Hall? The Mayfair? The Club A'Gogo? Your memories are needed for a major new BBC series

The North East is one of Britain’s great rock and pop centres.

Our exports include The Animals, Sting, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler, Bryan Ferry and a host of others who have electrified the world’s music audiences across the decades.

As for Newcastle, its famous venues - the City Hall, and the much-missed Mayfair and Club A’Gogo - have attracted some of the biggest names to their iconic stages.

Whether it was Beatlemania at the City Hall in 1963; Jimi Hendrix at the Club A’Gogo in 1967; or Led Zeppelin’s first-ever UK gig at the Mayfair in 1968, Newcastle has played host to all the pop and rock A-listers.

Now, the BBC is planning a major, new four-part series called The People’s History Of Pop - and they are keen to hear your music memories and see your memorabilia.

The four shows will be broadcast on Friday nights in April, July, September and November 2016, with each episode covering a decade, starting with 1956, when the pop phenomenon exploded, and going through to 1996.

James Giles, from 7 Wonder the company putting the series together, said: “I’m particularly interested in the period in Newcastle from 1964 to 1973. It was an era that witnessed the Club A’Gogo, the Mayfair ballroom, and world-famous acts playing at the City Hall.”

The People’s History Of Pop is an ambitious multi-platform project.

In partnership with Historypin (the user-generated digital archive of historical artefacts), music fans of all ages are being asked to upload photos, videos and audio of their rock and pop music memorabilia, performances and artefacts, with stories attached.

This material will create a unique online archive that brings together the UK’s musical history.

The series is looking for photos, badges, ticket stubs, fan club materials, gig programmes, annuals, teen diary entries, teen band recordings, wrist bands and rare footage, which will shape and define the series.

Contributors who have submitted the most surprising, moving and rare material may be filmed to appear in the programme.

James added: “We’d love to hear from people in the Newcastle area - it has such a rich musical heritage.

“There must be loads of fans out their with memories and material to upload who might like to get involved.

“Did they go to Club A’Gogo? Do they still have their membership cards? Did they see Jimi Hendrix play there, or the Rolling Stones, The Who, or The Animals? What was the atmosphere like and the dress code?

“What about other clubs like the Mayfair ballroom? Did they see Led Zeppelin’s first UK performance there, and still have the ticket stub? What about the City Hall - did they see Bob Dylan in ‘66, Pink Floyd or David Bowie in ‘72 and still have a poster, a picture, T-shirt, ticket or diary entry? We’d love to hear from them.”

If you’d like to upload your material for possible inclusion on BBC4’s The People’s History Of Pop, go to www.phop.co.uk or you can email the production company directly at phop@7wonder.co.uk



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