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  1. I have a partial page of this spread from Buddy magazine:
  2. As mentioned earlier in this thread, these two photos were also @ Mother Blues. Probably the same night as the Bonzo jam, April 1977.
  3. I posted this jam recently, one that many fans were unaware of: (April 1977, Dallas)
  4. I've posted a couple of new photos from the night at Slip Disc in Bombay 1972: Richard Cole and Robert Plant: A better quality and more complete full frame image of Richard Cole, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant (partially obscured): https://www.ledzeppelin.com/event/october-16-1972
  5. It's a bootleg - even says in the auction that it's an "unofficial pressing".
  6. This is the original image I had for the homepage animation: It's also available on Getty if you need better quality. https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/news-photo/zeppelin-lz-126-ascending-in-fog-c1924-1933-lz126-was-built-news-photo/463982681
  7. NAMM 2020: John Bonham signature drumsticks debuting at Winter NAMM By MusicRadar Exact spec of Bonzo's original '70s "trees" promised NAMM 2020: In 1964, a then little-known company in Yorkshire, England began producing drumsticks. The Professional Music Company, latterly known as Promuco, initially struggled to break the lucrative US market, until a certain Buddy Rich adopted their sticks. John Bonham was one of the many drummers who then took up Promuco sticks, and quickly had his own specification commissioned. Original Bonham Promuco sticks are still highly sought after, and now you'll be able to get your hands on faithful reproductions of what Bonzo allegedly referred to as his "trees". Initially available from February in the UK thanks to Barnes & Mullins, and then globally through 2020, the sticks will officially debut at NAMM 2020 on 16 January. They're premium hickory sticks made to that exact original specification, down to the legendary ‘acorn’ tip and feature Bonzo's signature logo. You can learn more at the Promuco site here: John Bonham Signature Price: £12.00 Product Code: 19015JB Throughout the 1970s John clung to his Promuco ‘Trees’ and together they created some of the most iconic and celebrated rhythms in rock history. Now, you can own and play these legendary sticks. Crafted from premium Hickory, they’re made to Bonzo’s original dimensions and weight and feature his original signature logo too. Diameter:1.5cm General: Premium Hickory Length:41cm Tip:Wooden
  8. Italian magazine - Ciao 2001. November 1969. Mentions their upcoming sold-out appearance at Carnegie Hall. 'Zeppelin Hit New York'
  9. BTW, having some server issues lately with my WEBMASTER@LEDZEPPELIN.COM email. Message me through the forum, for those trying to reach me, until it gets resolved.
  10. Username is updated. You’ll need to login with the new username
  11. I'm seeing the same glitch. Thanks for letting me know. Will have a tech look into that. Happy New Year!
  12. Resurrecting an old thread.... I do have this on cassette. This album definitely needs a proper re-release.
  13. Robert Plant and Saving Grace, Colne Muni By John Anson @LT_Features Features Editor TO say this was a much anticipated gig would be something of an understatement. Robert Plant, yes, the Robert Plant in the unlikely surroundings of Colne Muni with his new band - who could fail not to be impressed? Certainly not a single member of the sold out audience who witnessed something truly special. Saving Grace are the latest in a series of musical projects into which the former Led Zeppelin singer thrown himself wholeheartedly into in recent years following on from The Band of Joy and the Sensational Shapeshifters. Anyone expecting raucous versions of Whole Lotta Love or Black Dog were in for a disappointment. The wonder of Wolverhampton has moved on and he's making the music he wants to - and every credit to him for that. As ever he has surrounded himself with a musical collective of the highest order - singer Suzy Dian, Tony Kelsey on guitar and mandolin, Matt Worley on banjo and guitar and percussionist Oli Jefferson. Together they created something truly magical at the Muni. With a stage set up almost like a recording studio - Persian rug on the floor, a multitude of instruments lying within easy reach - this was an intimate evening of the highest order. This was a night of genuine roots music - early blues, Appalachian mountain music, folk-inspired traditional songs, tunes captured in the early field sound recordings. What was great was the sheer enjoyment Robert Plant got from performing the songs and from the playing of his musical partners. For someone who, let's face it is a musical legend, he was just so humble, often contenting himself with playing the role of backing singer, maraca shaker or simply spectator as his ensemble wove their sonic tapestry around us. But when he did put himself centre stage it was a treat to behold. That voice is still as distinctive as ever and his harmonies with Suzy Dian were just perfect. From the traditional Cindy I'll Marry You to a cover of Moby Grape's It's a Beautiful Day Today, the setlist spanned the decades and for the audience it was like being given the opportunity to open the most perfect advent calendar with a real treat behind every window. Highlights, of which there were many, included the complete silence from the audience which greeted many of the songs, so spellbound were they by what we on offer; the hauntingly beautiful four-part harmonies and Robert Plant's easy grace. He was clearly having a ball - and so were we. "Well it beats staying in," he quipped at one stage. It certainly did! https://www.thelancasterandmorecambecitizen.co.uk/news/18107099.robert-plant-saving-grace-colne-muni/
  14. John Paul Jones is going to be performing a solo concert as part of Big Ears Festival (as well as the already announced performance with Anssi Karttunen as Sons of Chipotle). John will present a set of grand piano, mandolin and electronics, in an improvised solo performance responding only to the sounds and textures that emerge. Festival info here: https://bigearsfestival.org/ (photo credit: Dustin Rabin)
  15. About eight or so years ago, I had the videos streaming locally on his site. Back then, YouTube wasn't anything like it is is now. On the newer site, a bit afterwards, we just uploaded those old video files for the new official RP YouTube channel. You can get the promo videos on the bonus DVD in the Nine Lives box set. They're DVD quality, though not yet available in HD resolution.
  16. I remember seeing this photo. It was posted on the forum in 2012 in this thread: Originally black & white, the artificial colorization makes it look fake. It's from the European tour, March 1973.
  17. I heard an old audience recording of that show. Is that when they played 'Back In the USSR'? Hard to tell who is onstage on the tape.
  18. 'In this book, I wanted to include items from my personal archive that have played a part in my overall story, to give the detail behind the detail.' – Jimmy Page The Anthology: Exclusive Preview We are delighted to share some sneak preview pages from the upcoming publication, Jimmy Page: The Anthology. As you can see, it is on course to become a major publication for 2020, and a once-in-a-lifetime limited edition. Jimmy Page's first book with Genesis, Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, was a photographic memoir by one of the world’s most iconic guitar players. Jimmy Page: The Anthology delves deeper, documenting Page’s life through hundreds of items from his private archives, contextual photography spanning six decades, and Page's original written commentary. From iconic guitars and stage costumes to correspondence and diary entries, every piece is brought to life with new text by Page placing it within the story of his phenomenal career. Scroll on to see some more pages from the book... JimmyPageAnthology.com The Ultimate Edition Since starting this project, Jimmy Page and Genesis's editors have added more content to the limited edition than might ever have been expected. The book's page count has been extended to 400 pages Jimmy Page's manuscript has increased to more than 60,000+ words The book will now feature nearly 1,000 images This is Jimmy Page's most extensive account of his career to date – a fascinating insight into the life of one of the most important musicians of all time. Pre-Order Now Jimmy Page: The Anthology will ship during February and March 2020. However, don't let this stop you giving a copy to a loved one this Holiday Season. Pre-order before 5th December and Genesis will send a special greetings card for you to present in lieu of the book's arrival in the New Year. Featured on the front of the card is a photograph of Jimmy's Les Paul No.1 resting on the iconic The Song Remains the Same suit. The reverse has details about the book and the inside is left blank for your own message (so will work equally well for birthdays, anniversaries etc...). Greetings cards will start shipping from 9th December. Get the Gift A Collector's Piece Those who own Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page, will know that they are already in possession of one the world's most sought-after books and Jimmy Page: The Anthology looks set to become just as highly prized. Now available to pre-order, the edition of 2,500 copies is almost fully subscribed at the pre-publication price (eventual publication price: £495) and will inevitably, like the edition that preceded it, become an important collector's item. Reserve Your Copy Now 'I was seduced by the beauty of what a six-string instrument could do, whether it was acoustic or electric, and I was never happy to stay in one style for too long. I always wanted to challenge myself.' – Jimmy Page Following the sell-out success of Jimmy Page's first book, we are delighted to introduce Jimmy Page: The Anthology. In his new signed limited edition, Jimmy Page's musical career is documented in his own words, illustrated with vintage photographs and items from Page's own archives presented for the first time. 400 pages 1,000 images 60,000+ words Large Format: 280mm x 330 mm (11"x13") Available to Pre-Order. Shipping from February 2020. Pre-Order Now Delivery Update If you have already pre-ordered a copy of Jimmy Page: The Anthology, you will have received notification that the limited edition has been enhanced and expanded to 400 pages, and will ship during February and March, 2020. You may request your complimentary greetings card by submitting your details here. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the team at Genesis. © 2019 JimmyPage.com
  19. until
    Saving Grace featuring SUZI DIAN and ROBERT PLANT Birmingham Town Hall Birmingham, England https://www.thsh.co.uk/event/saving-grace-featuring-suzi-dian-and-robert-plant
  20. until
    Saving Grace featuring SUZI DIAN and ROBERT PLANT Stourbridge Town Hall Stourbridge West Midlands, UK
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