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Stipe announces new R.E.M release, Bill Berry to tour?


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From Paste:



Writer: Palmer Houchins

This year, in between getting inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame and releasing its first-ever live album, R.E.M. has somehow found time to scoot over to Ireland and record the follow-up to 2004's Around the Sun with producer Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, Bloc Party).

The band has been tightlipped on a release date for its 14th studio effort, but earlier this week at a New York charity auction, frontman Michael Stipe announced, "Let me tell you a secret: we have a great fucking record in the bag. It's a big change. It's coming out on April Fool's Day."

And if vague Stipe comments and April Fool's tie-ins aren't enough fuel for the R.E.M rumor mill, just today, Atlanta alternative rock radio station 99X reported on air that a "very reliable source" had informed them that former drummer Bill Berry will be re-joining the band at least temporarily. According to the tipster, Berry, who hasn't performed with the R.E.M. in any capacity other than a few one-off shows since he left the group in 1997 after a brain aneurysm, will embark on an R.E.M. world tour following the album's (spring?) release.

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If JPJ doesn't arrange for them, who cares.

What in the hell does John Paul Jones have to do with anything? He worked on one record with them (Automatic for the People). He did a very outstanding job but it's not like they're incapable of producing good work without him.

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