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Obscure Led Zeppelin Shirt with Hebrew Letters


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Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone has seen this shirt before. I'm just trying to find some information on it. I have never seen it before and all of my research and digging have lead me no where. Here's hoping some of you may be able to help. 

Is it legit? Could it be something fan made? 

Thanks in advance!

Hebrew Zeppelin.jpg

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This shirt was posted on reddit, with the user asking for any information on it. 

There is a post of this same shirt on Etsy selling for 500$. 

I also found this shirt for sale on a Japanese website. 

Does anyone here know if Led Zeppelin ever played a concert in Jerusalem? I have never heard of such. 


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1 minute ago, sam_webmaster said:

Not legit. Fan made.

That's what I thought originally, too. 

But then I started digging and I found it online at 2 other places now. Even this one -http://www.sekaimon.com/us/28022/Unisex+%26+T-Shirts/161376177313/  -  with different color lettering. 

I suppose that a small company once upon a time wanted to get a slice of profits that Led Zeppelin could bring. So they may have printed out some of these shirts. The reddit user found it at a flea market I BELIEVE in the U.S. (still waiting on word on location). 

It's really not a big deal. I'm just trying to help the guy out. It's trivial but for one reason or another I've latched onto finding the origins of this shirt. 

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