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[VOL.4] Ten Years Gone / Tangerine


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Hi everybody,

After a lot of weeks without compilations (copyrights, no time, etc...) i can offer you for the beginning of the week a double compilation in one.  First, Ten Years Gone, who was played between 03 april 1977 and 04 august 1979 ( North American Tour '77 ,Copenhague, Knebworth Festival 1st concert) and second,  Tangerine who was played the first time at Tokyo (1971/09/24) and the last time in london (Earls Court Arena, 1975/05/25)

I hope you will enjoy this,, and like i said if you have suggestion about future songs that you want  you are free to tell it in the topic (except for Stairway to Heaven because now approximately 98% from these versions are deleted automatically ) 

And of course, the time and date of the concerts are in the description the video.


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