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If you can rank your favorite bands, the better... Or special songs. But especially underrated stuff that many might not know..

Pink Floyd
The Doors
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Who
Steely Dan
David Bowie
The Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix
Neil Young
Bob Marley
Black Sabbath
Elton John
Billy Joel
Three Dog Night
Jefferson Airplane/Starship
The Police
Dire Straits
Genesis (Gabriel era)
The Bee Gees
The Carpenters
The Stylistics
The Delfonics
Jethro Tull
Gordon Lightfoot
Bob Seger
Alice Cooper
The Guess Who
Todd Rundgren
Bob Dylan

Underrated Artist - Sixto Rodriguez ("Forget It" is my favorite of his)
Underrated Songs - Harry Nilsson - Lean On Me (not the hit)
Shawn Phillips - (Breakthrough, I Took A Walk)
Paul McCartney - Old Siam, Sir
Fairuz - Al Bosta...................Phil Ochs - Changes................Woody Guthrie - Which Side Are You On?

There are some good non-mainstream prog rock bands like Camel, Spiro Gyra, Tai Phong, T2, etc...

Personally, the 60s and 70s are my aims. I like the sad songs, but I like soul/folk/funk/disco.. Vocals are very important, I like tenors and falsetto, using vibrato, quavers... Music to me is much more important than the lyrics. In fact, the phrasing/rhythm of the vocal is probably more important now that I think of it, but the quality of the voice.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts -- I love the eclectic tastes in here!

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