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Missing Artwork on Reissues

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Hello, all, this is my first post on these boards. I did a search for the topic before posting and didn't see one, so here goes...

Overall, I'm happy with the reissues of a few years ago, but I did notice that several of the 2 CD reissues (I don't have any of the single discs/LPs/deluxe packages, just the 2 CD sets) have missing artwork:

LZ IV-The back cover (with the highrise building)

Houses-Again, the back cover

Presence-The back cover (the teacher with the two students)

ITTOD-Disappointed that they didn't include, say, an insert with all 6 alternate covers.

Does anyone have any insight about why these were left off? I doubt it was an accident/oversight. Yes, it is cool to have the "negative" images on the backs of all these CDs/inserts, but most remasters of other bands pride themselves on including "all original artwork."


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