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MC Hammer back with dance website

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MC Hammer back with dance website

MC Hammer is taking on YouTube with plans to launch a new website dedicated to dance videos.

DanceJam is due to launch in mid-January and Hammer hopes it will carve a niche as the go-to destination for dance videos.


MC Hammer, shown in November with a dancer on San Francisco's Pier 41, will be chief strategy officer for DanceJam.com, a site for sharing dance videos.

(Jeff Chiu/Associated Press)

YouTube already has a head start in the dance category, listing more than 1.7 million videos dedicated to all and sundry dancing for the small screen.

Hammer, whose real name is Stanley Burrell, was known for his dance productions in the 1990s and hits such as U Can't Touch This and Let's Get It Started.

Despite earning a fortune as a rapper, he went bankrupt in 1996 with debts of more than $14 million US.

This time around, he plans to make his money by selling online ads.

The rapper has been named chief strategy officer of DanceJam.com.

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