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  1. Buddy's a kissey boy, I see. He's so cute.
  2. Awww, cute! Look at those ears! Is he/she a bagle?
  3. ^^^ Oscar looks like he didn't wander too far away before his feet got cold. I love that last pic. "Ok, mom dad. I'm ready to come in now."
  4. I know. I love this thread. Everybody has such cute babies. These are my beagles, Captain Jack Sparrow and Murphy Brown. Murphy, the little one standing, turns 16 years old in January. They were a bit miffed because I interupted their 'sniff-on' at PetSmart to get their picture taken.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guVgk6k1vaE Never knew about this. Thanks, Thorzep.
  6. Thanks for sharing, Ledded. I laughed when Jimmy told the story about Peter Grant taking a picture of the crowd and then counting all the heads because he didn't believe what the promoter had told him.
  7. Stanley Jordan plays "Stairway to Heaven" on two guitars.
  8. Here's a good one. Led Zeppelin Rumors Now Being Started By People Who Are Obviously Tripping The Idolator NEW YORK, 4:43 PM, FRI DEC 21 First we had Ian Astbury dropping not-so-subtle hints that Led Zeppelin would be touring, and that their openers would be his band the Cult. And now, even though Robert Plant appears to be booking 2008 with anything but Led Zep dates as fast as he can, it seems crazed fans of Polyphonic Spree/Tripping Daisy main man Tim DeLaughter are claiming that both of their hero's bands would be opening the tour. Ian, can you come out and at least try to help quell this misinformation? Because people are apparently falling for this. And they're also thinking that the tour will be renamed in honor of the reformed Daisies: The rumor got its legs on the Polyphonic Spree message board where one commenter said that a radio station in Boston quoted an anonymous "Boston area concert promoter" who said that there is a possibility for "Daised and Confused" tour that would join together Led Zeppelin, a reformed Tripping Daisy (with new guitarist) and the Polyphonic Spree. Some fans then recalled that during the Spree's holiday show Tim mentioned taking Tripping Daisy on the road again, though it's unsure if his comment was serious or not. Well, sure, a Tripping Daisy show or two would be fun. But as for the rest... seriously, Internet. Seriously. "Daised and Confused"? You're gonna fall for that? Because if you're gonna be that gullible, then whoever started this rumor missed a grand opportunity for LOLz when he didn't say that the tour would be called "The Houses Of The Hol-Spree Jaunt 2008."
  9. For what it's worth: Daily Star WEDNESDAY, DEC 19, 2007 LED ZEP PLAN MEGASHOW 2 LED Zeppelin will definitely be touring next year and are planning a massive show at the Millennium Stadium. But the rock legends are waiting for all the fuss surrounding their reunion to die down before announcing dates. Robert Plant, 59, Jimmy Page, 63, and John Paul Jones, 61, were thrilled with the reaction to their one-off show at London’s O2 Arena last week but won’t play again until the second half of 2008. My source close to the Zep said: “Robert was overwhelmed by the attention but he wants the fuss to die down before doing more stuff with the band. It’ll be towards the end of the year now.” Talks Despite Plant announcing a separate solo tour with Alison Krauss, 36, the reformed rockers are looking at doing a series of major gigs across the world including at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium. Venue bosses have admitted they are in talks with the band’s management about performing next year. Welsh Rugby Union main man Roger Lewis, who is pals with bassist Jones, said: “We would love to welcome Led Zeppelin and we have already put in a request to Harvey Goldsmith (the band’s promoter). “Initially, Harvey said they were only going to do a one-off gig but now they are considering a tour.” While further dates at Wembley Stadium and New York’s Madison Square Gardens are also rumoured, the Millennium Stadium is the band’s favourite venue because of its famous roof. Lewis added: “We are the only stadium in Britain with a retractable roof and we can guarantee a perfect event for 70,000 people.” We had to wait a long time for them to rock and roll, so we can surely wait a few months for the full tour.
  10. Rock Legends Led Zeppelin team up with The Smurfs for Christmas Album The infamous rock band Led Zeppelin are to team up with the popular TV characters, The Smurfs, to record a one-off Christmas album. The album is to be recorded in a helium filled studio to maintain the classic Smurf high pitched voice effect. Father Abraham, smurfmeister, has teamed up with Robert Plant on lead vocals, Jimmy Page will be performing a harmony guitar part with Farmer Smurf, Papa smurf will be replacing the deceased John Bonham on drums, John Paul Jones will be playing keyboard and Harmony Smurf on bass. Some of the tracks from the album include: Dazed And Compressed Blue Dog Whole Lotta Helium Special precautions have been put in place to prevent evil wizard Gargamel from boycotting the recording by using his black magic to unplug the amplifiers. Jimmy Page comments on the Whole Affair: "I think this recording is going to be really good for our reputation and it will bring Led Zeppelin back into the charts with a high octave kick" The story above is a satire or parody. It is entirely fictitious.
  11. Thank you for adding me to your friends, brother bull. )O

  12. "In the 2000 film Little Nicky, it is mentioned at the end of the film that the two satanists purchased Led Zeppelin's old touring plane, but it crashed since they forgot to get a pilot."
  13. ??? I dunno. It doesn't look like John to me. His hair and beard are too trimmed and coiffed.
  14. Good show, ladies! I think this was posted on the old forum. It's one of my favorites.
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