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  1. That's Jimena, Jimmy's then wife. She is Argentinian. We chatted with her about the ABC Trust. She was lovely, very friendly and willing to chat with people.
  2. I went to Jimmy's book launch in London but he didn't sign any that day.
  3. I was there that day. I'd won a pair of tickets as did my best friend Dave so we took 2 of his sons with us. So the chance to meet Jimmy, support the BC charity was a fantastic day. Here are some of the pics.
  4. I witnessed a fantastic show last night and a great tribute to Peter Green. The added bonus of Pete Townshend Noel Gallagher and Jeremy Spencer all performing as well as the advertised artists.
  5. He is enjoying this band so hopefully they will do more shows next year. There will be folk on here who would hate the set cos it isn't Zep, some of the same folk who complain he does too much Zep in the SSS shows. I caught 4 shows this week.
  6. until

    I will be at this show too.
  7. until

    I will be at this show.
  8. until

    I am going to this show
  9. The knebworth toilets were even worse when I first went in 74 to see the Allman bros. Grand days out there and theO2
  10. Nice one Pilot. Didn't see you there but we made up for it by meeting at the O2. 40 years gone, 2 consecutive Saturdays spent in a field but I think it was worth the effort.
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