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  1. I daresay there were a few when BN first started performing. Its each to their own really. If I didn't like what he does I wouldnt go.
  2. Well if he was expecting Zep then he would be disappointed. The only bit that has any Zep is during Satan your kingdom must come down where Robert adds parts of In my time of dying. I know its not going to be a Zeppelin night, its folk and americana but I like to see him on stage, enjoying what he's doing having fun and just being up there singing that's something I am happy with. I know there are plenty of folk who only want him in Zep and hate anything else he does as with AK BOJ and now SG, there are those who didn't like Strange Sensation and SSS especially him doing Zeppelin numbers when refusing to reunite and calling him a hypocrite etc but hey that's down to them. Zep is not going to happen and I would be at the front of the queue if they had ever or ever did in the future. As I said I'm happy to see the guy doing what he enjoys and is good at cos one day he wont be.
  3. Saving Grace were a very late addition to the Bewdley Festival and ended the proceedings on Saturday night. I was there and took a few photos. Robert and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves in the intimate atmosphere of a huge tent usually used for weddings. Its been quite a week for me, seeing Jimmy Page on the Wednesday and then Robert on Saturday.
  4. I didn't see anyone vidoeing but I was on the 3rd row so most of the audience was behind me. Someone may have done some.
  5. I attended the literary festival where Jimmy was one of the main interviewees this year. He was talking about his book Jimmy Page the Anthology and some of the events and history behind some of the photos in the book. Hewas in good form and humour. There was no music during the interview session. I managed to get a few photos which I am sharing here.
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