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Question About RAH 1/9/70

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I know Jimmy is known to "edit" long medley songs and knock out some of the oldies references for whatever reason. Is the version of HMMT on the Shirley tapes have such an edit, and if so how much is lost and is there an unedited version out there? I'm sure this has been discussed before, but all help appreciated. Also, I know there is a site out there that discusses these things, but I can't seem to find it, so a link for that site is also appreciated.


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This is the site you are thinking of, it’s pretty awesome: http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk.

Here is what is said about HMMT at RAH:

“There are five cuts in How Many More Times. At NTSC 0:43:49, PAL 0:43:52 the band introductions have been removed, resulting in the loss of just over a minute. The next cut is a little strange and unsatisfactory, coming during the Boogie at NTSC 0:56:14, PAL 0:56:18 where two iterations of the twelve bar sequence have been removed, a total of 30 seconds. The problem is, it's actually only 22 bars, not 24, that have been removed, and the two remaining bars disrupt the natural chord progression. Soon forgotten, though. Cut number three is at NTSC 1:01:08, PAL 1:01:13 and this time it's a high speed, disorganised 90 seconds' worth of That's All Right (Mama) that's lost. Almost immediately afterwards there are two further cuts as Robert toys with the audience, first hissing "s-s-s..." at them (10 seconds removed) and then encouraging them to sing along with "loving" (20 seconds).”


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