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Led Zeppelin rock legend spotted at popular Irish pub as he quenches after gig thirst


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Led Zeppelin rock legend spotted at popular Irish pub as he quenches after gig thirst
Even a rock icon cannot say no to the black stuff
ByThomas Telford


It's not every day a member of Led Zeppelin will pop into your local pub for a pint of the black stuff after a gig.

October 30 was one of those days as former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant popped into Thomas Connolly Sligo for a pint or three of Guinness.

A video uploaded to Facebook shows the rock legend walking through the crowd and making his way to a private snug to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

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Robert Plant is set to perform in his musical collective, Saving Grace in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on 31st October 2022.

Plant was the lead singer and lyricist of Led Zeppelin from 1968 until 1980 when the band dissolved after the death of John Bonham, the bands drummer.

Once people saw the video of the rock icon, they were quick to post underneath the video.




A second user commented: "Fantastic!!! You Sligo ones know how to enjoy yourselves."

Another person posted: "No netter place for the man that's unreal."

A fourth person posted that it "Doesn't get much better than that OMG."

Thomas Connolly Sligo was delighted to welcome Robert to their pub, posting: "Delighted to welcome Robert Plant to Thomas Connolly’s pub this evening ahead of his sold out gig in the Knocknarea Arena for this weekend’s Sligo Live Festival.

Meanwhile, Met Eireann has forecast heavy downpours over the coming days with storms a possibility.

A yellow weather warning has been issued and will be in effect until midnight tonight.


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I think ol' Plantypuss has reached the stature to be mentioned as a British singer (or musician) and leave the Led Zeppelin references out of it. He's been performing for over 50 years, most people know who he is. There is more about LZ in that article than Saving Grace. :thumbdown:

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