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Best Live Mandolin Performances by Jones


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Hi, I'm a guitarist and just traded a fairly low end guitar with my friend for some frankenstein project he's doing in return for a sweet-looking f-style mandolin. To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of what the instrument is usually used to play, it's not really my kind of thing i really just got it to learn Jones' solos from the bootlegs for fun and to help train my ear when i get bored/frustrated with whatever I'm doing on guitar. I'm fairly well versed in bootlegs but am wondering what his best mandolin solos specifically are. I realise this basically limits to Going to California and That's the Way since it was jimmy who played on Evermore. Best I can think of is Going to California from 29th september 1971. Thats probably where I'm going to start at least. I guess I'm basically asking what the best versions of Going to California and That's the Way are Jones-wise. I'd also prefer them to be on at least listenable quality since I am trying to actually play what I'm hearing but by no means does it have to be top quality. Thanks

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27 minutes ago, Dog-of-Doom said:

Yea the extent of my knowledge on that is really limited to his house of blues webcast and his zooma album. Anything specific?


Start with (at 46 min), Going to California and the next song, Steel Away (featuring some great soloing on mandolin). 



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