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Fake Jimmy Page Facebook pages

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I was contacted and even duped by Jimmy Page imposters on Facebook.  Yes, I know now I am a fool.

Then I saw a post on Jimmy Page official Facebook page that said they were aware of the fake accounts and were going to work on shutting them down.

Then out of the blue I receive an email from a suspicious email address on my Gmail account.


The email address is:




I reported it to the webmaster@ledzeppelin.com.


I haven't heard back yet.


Has this happened to anyone else?


It creeps me out that they got my Gmail address.


Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I received your email. If you get a message from one, you should report them to FB.

For reference, here's the official statements:

Jimmy Page Facebook:

"It has come to our attention that there are numerous fake profiles impersonating Jimmy Page. We urge you to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity directly to Facebook.

Please do not provide any personal information or financial details to these fraudulent accounts. Always ensure you are interacting with the official Jimmy Page profile by checking for the blue verification tick - if it's not from this official profile, it's fake. Stay safe and thank you for your continued support!"

Robert Plant Facebook:

"We have been made aware of several accounts impersonating RP and subsequent scams involving M&G's. Robert NEVER communicates with fans personally and only communicates via his official channels. Please be alert and vigilant and stay safe."


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