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RIP Heath Ledger...


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OOOPS SORRY!!! Didn't see that there was already a thread.

I just heard on tv 10 minutes ago that he died...and it made me very sad. It kind of ruined my evening...even if I'm not a Heath fanatic. He was a great actor that I liked a lot. I thought he was amazing in Brokeback Mountain, really loved him in I'm Not There. First movie I ever saw him in was The Patriot and thought he was really cute back then (I was a teen), when he dies in the movie it made me drop a tear...now he's dead and it makes me wanna drop a tear as well.

He was a young and talented actor whose carreer just started...he could have played in many many excellent movies in the future. I'm looking forward on seeing The Dark Knight...he seems excellent as The Joker...He left behind him a family, a baby and a promising carreer. Sad really.

He ODed on medecine...they don't know if its a suicide yet... :( anyway, I don't believe in heaven so I can't go on with the whole 'wherever he is I hope he's better now...' but ya know...

Much love Heath.

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