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Efestivals remove Led Zeppelin glastonbury rumour


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Don't know if anyone else has noticed this - but www.efestivals.co.uk has removed Led Zeppelin from their list of bands rumoured to be playing at Glastonbury this year.

Yes i know it's just all rumours just now.....but i thought it was worth posting anyway as Efestivals.co.uk is a huge portal site for uk festivals, and has always been really good with their rumours/news section (last year they correctly predicted in advance over 95% of the bands at Glastonbury from almost 2000 final acts that appeared)

Bands that are listed as a rumour are usualy removed if efestivals believe they will no longer be appearing........and they have removed led zeppelin as of today.

I am going to Glastonbury this year and check their site everyday in case they have any news  :(

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