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My Morning Jacket Unveils New Album Track List


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My Morning Jacket

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

My Morning Jacket throws fans another sonic curveball on its new studio album, "Evil Urges," due June 10 via ATO. The 14-track set sports the most adventurous music of the Kentucky-bred rock act's career, beginning with the title track, a falsetto-driven groove-fest that opens the disc.

MMJ is uncharted territory with songs like "Highly Suspicious," whose robotic funk beats and falsetto singing wouldn't sound out of place on a Rick James or Prince album.

Strident rockers like "Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 1" boast unusual touches, from fluttering synth lines and multi-tracked vocal parts to chopped-up beats and electro effects on the bass and guitars. Appearing near the end of the disc, "Part 2" of the track is an eight-minute-plus mash-up of disco drumming and grandiose production unlike MMJ has ever attempted.

Elsewhere, "Thank You Too" conjures a lost soft rock classic from the '70s, as frontman Jim James tenderly croons, "You really saw my naked heart / you really brought out the naked part."

James and his acoustic guitar are also at the forefront of "Librarian," while "Remnants" and "Aluminum Park" will satisfy fans of MMJ's straight-ahead, double-guitar attack.

The group is expected to unveil new material during shows next week in Houston and Austin, Texas, the latter one of the most anticipated sets at the South by Southwest festival.

Here is the track list for "Evil Urges":

"Evil Urges

"Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 1"

"Highly Suspicious"

"I'm Amazed"

"Thank You Too"

"Sec Walkin'"

"Two Halves"


"Look At You"

"Aluminum Park"


"Smokin From Shootin"

"Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part 2"

"Good Intentions"

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I've been meaning to look into listening to this band...after hearing that they opened for Pearl Jam on a couple tours.

I like what little I've heard but haven't invesigated much further myself. By the way they have a priceless scene in the movie Elizabethtown in case you haven't seen it and speaking of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder joins them for a very kick ass version of the Who's A Quick One While He's Away, one of the bonus features on their new concert film Immagine In Cornice.

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