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Newbie, High!


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Hey folks,

I'm a total rocker who's always on the road either playing or working!

Huge Zeppelin fan and it shows in the music...

Would love if ya'all checked out my web sites....

You can see me on My Space at , myspace.com/KeithRobert and my bands, myspace.com/ZaNKT (original band) and myspace.com/LedZaNKT (Zeppelin Tribute page. . )

If you go to YouTube.com search "ZäNKT and Keith Robert"

You'll get some great vids of us playing some Zeppelin and ZäNKT

Would love to hear from people all over the U.S. Led ZäNKT will be hitting the road in the late summer for Zeppelin Tribute shows.

Our original band will be featured on a Zeppelin tribute cd highlighting New and Unsigned acts that are influenced by Led Zeppelin, off of Versallis records, in Summer 2008

Keep in touch!!!

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