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  1. Tell him I think we should take things slowly
  2. noora


    Today was our play's premiere. The play is called The Mother and the Whore, Jean Eustache is the author, maybe some of you have heard of it. I think it went pretty well. Though it's difficult to be a man
  3. noora

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Jimmy is a sweet old man.
  4. Oh no, that's not quite right. It is ''Minä rakastan sinua'' and it means ''I love you'' but I bet you already knew that
  5. Thank you everyone. Bonham, yes, I do remember. You have beautiful eyes and I like the new hair
  6. Thank you everyone. PlanetPage, my name?
  7. It's snowing and getting dark. Cold, of course. I'm excited
  8. Here's a picture of me in France. It was taken a few months ago
  9. noora


    I love theatre. I very often go see plays but it is quite expensive.. I'm working on a play right now, it's a very small play, just me and my 3 friends, it'a school project. We have lots of theatre projects in our school which is nice. My dream is to get into Theatre Academy in Helsinki
  10. Swede, lovely pictures, I love flowers and musicians. I haven't been here in ages... I don't know where to post. Should I post a new picture? I don't know how anymore
  11. Thank you. Actually I haven't been here in ages. Not that I have forgotten Led Zeppelin

  12. Yes, you are right Thanks everyone
  13. noora

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    WOW I haven't posted here for ages I love Jimmy
  14. Lovely hair, you look great OH YEAH you look groovy Here's a new picture of me
  15. Thank you Inga Thanks You look great too
  16. Lilith My hair is now red or reddish A lot more lighter than it really is
  17. Well I think they look cool And that shirt is awesome Hahah sounds cool to me
  18. That's why we didn't go for coffee Nice picture Ash
  19. That's right Lovely pictures Mercedes, Dancing Days I like the glasses
  20. Thanks Ash You're looking good too and I like the hat
  21. That's funny Haha that poem must be awesome Peep Solero, I like your picture wanna be drummer, I like yours too
  22. =) Yes I'm sure it does Wow, that is pretty cool. I'm so jealous of you, you get to live in London.
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