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JPJ out and about in London


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It does not appear to have surfaced elsewhere, sooo............ I was fortunate enough to procure a ticket for REM's show at the Royal Albert Hall, London on Monday 24th March 2008.

The last support slot before REM was filled with admirable acoustic wonder by Robyn Hitchcock, accompanied on mandolin, to my ecstatic astonishment, by JOHN PAUL JONES, who was warmly received by the audience upon being introduced by Robyn.

JPJ had a terrific time throughout the short set and was an inspired choice for a comrade in lilting melodies.

Later on during a lull in REM's set, each of the band regaled the audience with their own personal anecdotes about the RAH. Peter Buck chose an earlier conversation with JPJ, about how this was the first time he had appeared at the RAH since Zep's show there in 1970. JPJ thought the show was in 1971, but Buck corrected him by pointing out it was 1970, as he had the tape!!


P.S. Wonder if Jimmy was using his RAH box that night (presumably he still has it)...?

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