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arrested in shanghai


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i really like this song, but i don't know what its about. it sounds political but im not sure. I'll post the lyrics, and see if anyone can tell me what its about. its hard to understand his voice, he's sorta talking to a beat or singing slowly. here are the lyrics

verse1- they assured me i was guilty, but i committed no crime. they say

confessions bring lenience so that put me on the line, so i protest

they're massacres at the Tienanmen Square, my friends say "yo

better not go fucking back there" OH!

verse2- they wouldn't let me write about my opinions about the state, and

freedom of expression they would never tolerate, and the military

secrets that i never did steal, i didn't start no violence naw there was

nobody that i killed

verse3- so i had a clear account of all the abuses of power, and the memories

of homeland have all gone sour, and i only got one weapon...its so plain

for me to see, my only weapon i call poetry. and i don't even know why?

the truth seems like a lie, in my cell there is no sky, when i was arrested

in shanghai

verse4- into wealth and privilege i was not born, but into devotion of freedom and

liberty i was sworn. so every emotion is studied watched and controlled

who gets paid? who gets disciplined? who gets sold? a transmitter beams

my coordinations all over the world, open your skull and let some knowledge

come in, crack open the cranium and let awareness begin!

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