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Plants low and high notes


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A friend of mine has a sight on Youtube where he shows Plants singing style.

So far with my help from alot of Bootleg search we have a C6 tone(no falsetto) from "You Shook Me" Toronto 18/8-1969.

And the lowest is F#2 from a cover of "Love Me" from 1973.

Does anyone knows of lower notes he has sung?

Or even higher if its possible? He doesnt reallt sing the C6 but he takes it and holds it.........amazing!!!!

We have always talked about Plants high G5 but live he has A5,B5 and even C6!!!

By the way Robert wasn't a falsetto singer.......


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The evening show!

In the afternoon show he struggels to much.

It seems that You Shook Me from this period has some very high notes in the final.

Schaeffer festival has also a C6 but not as good as he doesnt held it.

How many shows from this tour is out there?

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