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John Lennon


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Millie: Hello.

John: Hello.

Millie: Oh wait a minute, don't tell me who you are.

John: No I'm not.

Millie: Oh you are.

John: I'm not.

Millie: Oh you are, I know you are.

John: I'm not, no.

Millie: You look just like him.

John: Do I? You're the first one that's said that ever.

Millie: Yes you do, look.

John: No my eyes are lighter. The nose.

Millie: Oh yes your nose is very.

John: Is it?

Millie: I would have said so.

John: You know him better though.

Millie: I do not. He's only a casual acquaintance.

John: That's what you say.

Millie: What have you heard?

John: It's all over the place.

Millie: Is it? Is it really?

John: But I wouldn't have it. I stuck up for you.

Millie: I knew I could rely on you.

John: Thanks.

Millie: [puts on her glasses] You don't look like him at all.

[John walks away pouting]

John: She looks more like him than I do.


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