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Rock the Cradle ans similar shows


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I saw a show called Rock the Cradle. It is a MTV production.It is also seen on Much Music (Canadian station).

Last eve I saw one show. It features the sons or daughters of musicians. They are competing for top singer.

Jesse Blaze Snider (Dee Snider's son) sang Zep's Rock and Roll. He did a pretty good job in my opinion. However he was severely criticized by Belinda Carlisle (Go-Gos).

Today I saw the show again. Jesse sang Rebel Yell by Billy Idol .EXCELLENT....except Jesse's punk look was a bit extreme. His Mohawk hair style was a bit too much!!! Billy never had a Mohawk cut like that....

Other competitors were Akeiba Burrell Hammer (M.C.'s daughter), Lara Johnston (Tom's daughter. Tom was in the Doobie Brothers), Lucy Walsh (Joe's daughter), Crosby Loggins (Kenny's son), Landon Brown (Bobby's son), L'il B. Sure (Al B.'s son) and Chloe Lattanzi (Olivia Newton John's daughter). I believe Eddie Money's daughter competed also. I did not see all of last eve's show but she did not compete today.

I enjoyed all the performances...Chloe sang a tune by Canadian rockers Three Days Grace..BRAVO!!

If you saw this or similar competitions please share your thoughts...


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