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In Through The Outdoor

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Ive just finished collecting the six albums. Its taken a while and a lot of browsing through second hand/charity shops etc. I have all the albums from A to F on the spine they all have the diffrent views of the people in the picture. They do have the water colour sleeve insert. My question is was this all there was or is there anything diffrent on the actual vinyl or as I was lead to believe they were all the same pressings.


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Ok, nice question, I'll try to give you an idea...

Are you talking about the UK pressings, I guess.

I didn't write all of them yet on my discography on line but at the moment I know that there different pressings: I've a few of them with different matrixes (B4, A5, B5, B7) with different coupling. I've never seen an A1/B1 so I don't know about it ... <_<

Anyway, I can tell you that - more or less - all the UK album pressings come with different matrixes ...

But if you're intersted on ITTOD only, please consider that there are 6 (or at least more than one) different sleeves from USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Australia and Brasil ... and don't forget that there are also different issues and manufacturing plant from US (i.e. MO, SP, PR, RI or with the print on the paper cover with a different blue) ...

So, if it was hard to get all the six sleeves (I hope with the clean inner sleeve, not colored) ... think about of all them :D

rock on!

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Hi LukeTheDuke

Thanks for the reply

Ive had a closer look at the Vinyl runoffs and most have hand written A5'S on side one and B5's on side two however one has a A4 and B2 etched by machine they all have strawberry etched on there any ideas???


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