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I'm going to their release party tonight! Cow punk at it's best, lot's of dobro's, banjo's and upright bass!!

Very cool band! I highly recomend you all to check 'em out!

Baskery's debut record to be released today


From http://www.myspace.com/baskery


Baskery is a three leaf clover: Greta, Stella & Sunniva Bondesson.

Baskery is a dusty road of memories.

Baskery is northern lights that wish to go south once in a while.

Baskery is a new generation woodland, trying to grow freely,

but with respect to their forerunners.

The debut album "Fall Among Thieves" will be released may 7th 2008.

The first single "One Horse Down" is out now!

The full-length presents a number of Baskery’s originals,

recorded live, on stage in the studio.

It reveals the look, taste and smell of Baskery:

nothing will be hidden, nothing added.

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