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Led Zeppelin History mailings

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Since this is a new forum with probably some people who haven't been aware of my newsletter, I'll introduce it here.

I've been writing On This Day In Led Zeppelin History since 1998, when I first wrote about the 25th anniversary anniversary of the July 1973 Madison Square Garden concerts. Then I found a historical fact for the next day, and the day after that, and so on, and pretty soon I had a daily newsletter going!

As time went on, I added information to my newsletter from books and authorities on Led Zeppelin. As more and more readers subscribed, their input became crucial too. Over time, I was able to interview a number of folks. Among this crowd, the most recognizable interview subject was John Paul Jones.

In 2003, I stopped sending the newsletter daily, but I've kept it going at some level since then. This year, I revived it with a little more frequency, and I'm hoping to keep at this pace in the coming months. You can sign up to receive my updates via e-mail at www.OnThisDayInLedZeppelinHistory.com. There's also an RSS feed if you're into that.

Oh, and most importantly, on this day in 1979, Led Zeppelin became the big winners of the annual Melody Maker readers' poll. I was a couple weeks old that day, but the event came up in my interview with John Paul Jones in 2001, and you can read what he had to say about it in the newsletter.

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