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GnR to get the Hammer of the Gods treatment...


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It seems we may actually find out what the 90's equivalent of a mudshark was!!!

This will be sensationalism at its best I'm sure. Of course, we already know a lot more than we want to about GnR's love-hate relationship with... umm... everyone!!!

Anyone think this will be more or less accurate than HOTG?

From blabbermouth.net:

GUNS N' ROSES: New Book 'Watch You Bleed' Due In August - June 16, 2008

"Watch You Bleed: The Saga of Guns N' Roses", a new GUNS N' ROSES book that chronicles the remarkable rise of Axl Rose's band, "from their days as a Sunset Strip street gang dealing drugs to AEROSMITH's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to their eventual coronation as the kings of [sleaze rock]," is scheduled for release on August 26 via Gotham. Playboy magazine is publishing a 10,000-word excerpt in an upcoming issue. "Believe it or not, Playboy's sending a photographer over to shoot me," author Stephen Davis told the Boston Globe. "I just hope they airbrush my nipples."

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