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Febuary 18, 2008 People interview


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I don't know if this has been posted yet, but if not here is an interview in People magazine of Plant/Krauss. I can't scan the photo, but the issue has Brittney Spears on the front. Article by Eileen Finan.

On being an odd couple: "There ain't that much difference between us -just gender and age" says Plant "Were both parents, both family people. And I really got the underlying aspects of Alison's music."

On the man vs. the myth: " My brother, who first played me Robert's music (growing up), was like, "What's he like?" says Krauss. "And I said, "Well he's just like us!" I was suprised at how down to earth he is. He's a very welcoming person."

On curtailing the wail: " I'm 59 years old, and people still haven't quite got the drift that I often sing very quiet, sensitive tunes," says Plant. " But I learned restraint from Alison. She taught me about meticulous detail and the whole harmony thing."

On recording in Nashville: "People were thrilled to have Robert in town," says Krauss. "He made quite an impression." "But, adds Plant, "I think her ma and pa were a little bit confused by me at the beginning."

On a possible Zeppelin reunion tour: You know, it's an opportunity that comes in now," quips Plant, "because I'll soon be able to get reduced rates on public transport." Adds Krauss with a laugh: "Soon he can get the breakfast bar at Shoney's for a lower rate!"

In the photo caption "Robert really lights up a room," says Krauss.

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"He's just like us!" haha

Thanks for posting. I never read People anymore because the clerks at all of the local stores know that I just stand around and read it and never buy it. They're onto my game...

I do the same thing at the grocery store I happened to see this article that's why I bought it.

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