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  1. ^^^ Sorry, I hadn't checked this in ages haha. Yeah, the screaming girls deserved to be promptly smacked! And OMG, OMG, OMG... I just got tickets to see McCartney in Salt Lake City! I have absolutely no idea why someone as awesome as him would want to do a show there, but I live in southern Idaho, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to old guy swoon! I cannot believe I get to see him. I am freaking the hell out, I am! =)
  2. Thank you much! What made me happy today? The A's game was on when I got back from work AND they actually won. I was floored myself. It will probably only happen, like, five more times.
  3. I absolutely ADORE The Beatles. If I had been alive back when they were active and had the opportunity to see them, I would have smacked all the girls who were screaming so loudly that no one could hear. It's THE BEATLES! Shut up and listen, you goobers. Also, what is the deal with fainting? How are you supposed to appreciate George Harrison's adorableness if you're not conscious? Anyway, over the past little while, I feel like I've begun to like them as much as I like Zeppelin. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album, While My Guitar Gently Weeps is my favorite tune (Norwegian Wood, In My
  4. I am a poor recent college grad, so I haven't even been to ten concerts haha. BUT, I have a few recommendations. Even though I hate his guts and really want to smack him in the mouth, John Mayer is AMAZING live. His guitar improv is out of this world. The Chili Peppers are fantastic, too. Anthony Kiedis' vocal ability is really lacking, but Flea and Chad Smith more than make up for it. Their energy is intense. Ben Folds is also an hilariously nerdy white guy and he gets my seal of approval.
  5. I shall go with a top five just for good measure and because I am way picky. I sideways heart LZ, The Beatles, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cream, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
  6. "Choose What You're Watching" by thenewno2. Mini-Beatles make the best music!! (Dhani Harrison, aka mini-George, is in the band, if you haven't heard of them.)
  7. I'm kind of between LZ III and Physical Graffiti. I voted for Physical Graffiti because it has twice the Led Zeppelin goodness!
  8. I disapprove. The health care bill was just a nightmare that really should have been rewritten and maybe even postponed. There were far more important things to worry about, especially considering the fact that the bill is really going to do more harm than good. And you can't spend your way out of debt. It's just common sense! To be fair, though, I pretty much hate everyone in Washington and only approve of third party candidates. Everyone in our government has the intellectual capacity of a Post-it note and the moral fiber of OJ Simpson. That is all.
  9. I'm 23, registered when I was 21. I will forever hate my dad for being old enough that he got to see Zeppelin live. At least I got to see old man Plant a few years ago!
  10. Clearly, the lovely and talented Robert got my vote. However, it was pretty close between he and Roger Daltrey, so Daltrey was my backup. I love guys with hair so big it has its own gravitational pull.
  11. I hadn't logged onto this site in FOREVER, and, lo and behold, it still exists!
  12. I watched Taken and Benjamin Button the other night. Liam Neeson was like Jason Bourne on steroids in Taken. Bullets were afraid of him, too. They just said "no." Then Benjamin Button was weird and made me cry. But weird movies are good, and who doesn't like to cry?
  13. Why do we actually have to go to work? Why can't we all have our own respective sugar daddy or sugar momma? I mean, really. Life would be much easier... and we could all afford Zeppelin tickets if they ever toured! As it stands, I work many hours, get paid very little despite having a degree, and I have enough money to afford to go to a Wiggles concert... if it's in the mall... and free.
  14. I'm so glad Allen won. Lambert is just image, screaming, and nausea. Allen can play instruments, can SING, is understated, actually CARES about the music, and seems like a sweet, grounded dude. He's also cute as a flippin' button, mostly because of his modest demeanor. To be honest, though, he's my number three behind Gokey and Iraheta.
  15. Man, I thought it was AWFUL. This guy just shrieks like a tomcat with its balls caught in a vice. He's not a tenth the rocker Plant is. Blasphemy to all of these people I've heard say that Lambert's performance is better than Plant. (Not here; real life.) I'm glad Kris won. He does more than scream and wear makeup. He's actually, like, a musician? He also doesn't have the audacity to think that he can rule all these classic rock songs.
  16. I love jogging. I do it as often as possible, and if I can't, I make sure that I do some aerobic activity. Basically I mix that with some anaerobic stuff four or five days a week. I generally only let myself have dessert once or twice a week, and I have a very balanced diet. I could use some more meat, though. I'd be a veggie, but I hate beans and soy stuff. So I kind of have to make myself eat meat more often. Especially red meat, but I pretty much hate it. I guess it comes from growing up mostly in Idaho and seeing more cows than people pretty much all the time. They were, like, my neighbors
  17. They're the only reason I was able to get out of bed in college. Every morning, I started blasting The Immigrant Song, thereby waking up not only my roommates, but the roommate of every person within about a mile of my dorm. So basically, thanks to them, I slept in class instead of in my dorm room, and this earned me my degree in December. So, thanks dudes.
  18. Well, what educated person wouldn't?! I mean, really.
  19. I'm studying abroad for my last semester of college and was unable to get the absentee ballot figured out, but if I did vote it would be for Ralph Nader. He'd probably appoint some sweet redwood as secretary of state and a bonzai as the attorney general. I could get behind that.
  20. Michelle If you just look below my post, you would know this, but I don't know how many of you can read. Of course if you can't, you wouldn't be able to read this post, either. It's a lose-lose situation.
  21. I haven't logged in since I saw Robert and Alison live in the middle of the summer, and the same conversations are still going on! This board remains the same... I still vote yes for anything that involves Jimmy and Jonesy playing together. I love the Plant, but I could go with or without him. With him would clearly be far better, but it wouldn't be the same without Bonzo anyway. As much as I would like it to be otherwise, I was just born in the wrong generation and will never see Zeppelin at their peak. Just viking elder Plant, Quaker Oats guy Page, and surprisingly well-aged Jonesy. Th
  22. That actually doesn't sound half bad. I think I'll try it at some point. I guess I never realized how versatile Ramen really is. I underestimated it. haha
  23. I sometimes put broccoli or chicken in it, but usually I try to stray from that because I hate combining anything with Ramen. It's a texture thing, I guess. Or that usually what I may have in the fridge does not go well with it. Or that I don't have much else in the fridge. Mmm, yogurt and Ramen.
  24. These are only from the past 15 years or so cuz I'm only 21, but 21 year olds can get nostalgic, too, right? I loved Wild N Crazy Kids, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, The Original American Gladiators, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Fraggle Rock, Boy Meets World, Full House, and The Fresh Prince. There are probably more, but if I named them you would essentially see a TV Guide page from 1993.
  25. Ramen is empty calories at their finest! They're just crappy noodles with no nutritional value, essentially. Here's a picture of that glorious food...
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