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  1. ^^^ Sorry, I hadn't checked this in ages haha. Yeah, the screaming girls deserved to be promptly smacked! And OMG, OMG, OMG... I just got tickets to see McCartney in Salt Lake City! I have absolutely no idea why someone as awesome as him would want to do a show there, but I live in southern Idaho, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to old guy swoon! I cannot believe I get to see him. I am freaking the hell out, I am! =)
  2. Thank you much! What made me happy today? The A's game was on when I got back from work AND they actually won. I was floored myself. It will probably only happen, like, five more times.
  3. I absolutely ADORE The Beatles. If I had been alive back when they were active and had the opportunity to see them, I would have smacked all the girls who were screaming so loudly that no one could hear. It's THE BEATLES! Shut up and listen, you goobers. Also, what is the deal with fainting? How are you supposed to appreciate George Harrison's adorableness if you're not conscious? Anyway, over the past little while, I feel like I've begun to like them as much as I like Zeppelin. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album, While My Guitar Gently Weeps is my favorite tune (Norwegian Wood, In My Life, Michelle, and I've Just Seen a Face round it out), and I am convinced that George was the best songwriter ever. You will not sway my opinion on that. I LOVE his solo stuff, and he was just a sexy man. Ringo's actually my favorite, though. He was in Caveman, which is the best film ever. How it didn't win Oscars, I will never know. He was also hilarious in A Hard Day's Night. And I SO want to see Paul McCartney live. I don't care how old he is. If I was a middle aged lady, I'd totally take him out for a cup of coffee. My name's Michelle and I totally imagine he's singing it to me.
  4. "Choose What You're Watching" by thenewno2. Mini-Beatles make the best music!! (Dhani Harrison, aka mini-George, is in the band, if you haven't heard of them.)
  5. I hadn't logged onto this site in FOREVER, and, lo and behold, it still exists!
  6. I watched Taken and Benjamin Button the other night. Liam Neeson was like Jason Bourne on steroids in Taken. Bullets were afraid of him, too. They just said "no." Then Benjamin Button was weird and made me cry. But weird movies are good, and who doesn't like to cry?
  7. I'm really surprised to see all the Mars Volta hatred. I saw them live a few years ago, and to be honest they were horrible, but I do like that they're one of the few rock bands today doing something really different. Mostly I'm just a whore for their guitarist, but whatever. I think the worst band of all time is Panic! At the Disco/My Chemical Romance/Fall Out Boy. I can't tell the difference between them so I consider them all the same band... Fall Out At the Chemical Disco? I don't know. They just suck. It makes me cry, especially when one of my roommates from last year told me that they were all far more talented than Hendrix, Zappa, and Zeppelin. I didn't kill her. Do I get brownie points for that?
  8. I'm so late here, but whatever. Amen! If there's a tour, I'm so buying one. I never thought I would be a calendar girl, so I'd milk it for all it's worth. And to be a Zeppelin calendar girl! This is probably my life's greatest achievement. PS - Love the mudshark. haha
  9. I'm a straight chica so I don't know if my opinion means anything, but I have a girl crush on Keira Knightley. She's gorgeous. I could do with being her for a few days, and not just because she's starred in movies where she's had Johnny Depp, Jack Davenport, and James McAvoy as love interests.
  10. Miss August?! Isn't that, like, the third hottest month?! Meteorologically speaking, of course. I'm honored. We should make this Zep Girls calender part of the official merchandise, methinks.
  11. I love baby pictures. Some of the people on this board have the cutest kids. Anyway, here's me with my BFF, Johnny Depp. Getting ready to throw up on Robert Plant. And for good measure, a picture that is not complete crap.
  12. This picture seems so unnatural. Not because of the guitar... Because the bulge is not the thing that is most focused on! Anyway, I think it's cute. Aw, Planty with a guitar.
  13. I personally think it's pretty admirable that you guys take the time to research all of this. It shows dedication. I don't know that much about my own life... probably because I'm asleep during about two thirds of it, but whatever. Anyway, Carmen is really pretty. I think it would be a scientific impossibility for Robert Plant to produce children who couldn't be supermodels. The sad thing is that no daughter he could ever have would be prettier than he was in the mid-70s, though. I'm glad my dad has been a short, bald, mustachioed man since he was like 20 years old. I don't have this problem.
  14. I think Flea is far and away the best. The Chili Peppers 80s stuff was so bass driven and it was incredible how dominant he was. Their recent turn towards more of what John Frusciante invisions has downplayed Flea's abilities SO much. I think it's making people forget how amazing he is. The bass solos he does live are amazing, too. I was so impressed when I saw them a few years ago.
  15. Chell, every day is like Christmas thanks to you.
  16. I understand that analogy. haha Sometimes he's so immature and insane (like with his imaginary sidekick Davis... who, by the way, I think should get his own spinoff and be on instead of David Letterman), but he's just so hilarious at other times. He's also pretty hot for a 45 year old with a missing tooth. Anyway, I'm glad to know there's at least one person on this board who tolerates him. Suz, I appreciate you.
  17. So for years I've referred to Conan O'Brien as my future husband (bastard's cheating on me with his wife, though ), but now I refer to Craig Ferguson as the guy I'm gonna cheat on him with. I've been watching him on The Late Late Show since he was just a temporary host they were trying out. It's been more than three years. I'm a hardcore. Oh yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone else figuratively wanted to have his babies. I know I do. Here are my two favorite clips of all time (all of three years) from his show. The second is my favorite interview EVER. I love James McAvoy, too. These two should have a joint show and explain more about the Scottish vacuum of charm. It's very intriguing. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6UaHcmImdnc http://youtube.com/watch?v=pRrk3zZmksE
  18. Is he missing teeth? haha Or is there just a gaping hole on the right side of his mouth? Sorry, I'm really inattentive. Plus if it's a whole body picture his pants always distract me for some unknown reason...
  19. We should! It's nice to go there with other young people, too, cuz it's kinda awkward to see a movie when everyone else there is at least 35 years older than you. I think The Other Boleyn Girl is playing there. We should go! Eric Bana's in it. What else do you need? I could block out the audio and just look... a lot.
  20. Haha, you do kinda look like him! The hair for sure. My little sister kinda looks like him, too. It's really weird that I know more girls who resemble him than guys... Anyway, as angry as it makes me that there's a 59 year old dude out there whose hair kicks my hair's ass, it's still lovely to look at it. After all these years, it's still a work of art. Well done, God.
  21. I went and saw In Bruges this afternoon. I ended up going by myself because my friends have deplorable taste in films and would rather drool over Will Ferrell movies, but it was great! It's probably the most wonderfully depressing dark comedy I've ever seen. Ralph Fiennes scared the crap out of me but in a good way, and I've decided that Colin Farrell really should do more comedy. He's a genius with his deliveries. Stop starring in remakes of crappy 80s cop shows and do more of this stuff! My favorite exchange was the following: "Do you think this is good?" "What?" "This. Going around in a boat... looking at stuff?" "It's called sightseeing."
  22. When I worked at my school's radio station for a year in '06 I had one of the creepiest bosses probably ever. He emitted the smell of garlic, would go ape in sound proof production booths to such an extent that I could hear him on the other side of the room, would randomly come out of the booths to kick a trash can and then go right back in, and one time he lectured me on how I shouldn't eat meat for like 20 minutes in a row and we missed ten minutes of double audio. Of course I accelerated it by telling him that turkeys were ugly, stupid, mean, and deserved to be eaten, but whatever.
  23. I like to silently protest authority figures. I'm working the front desk of my residence hall right now and we're not supposed to wear sweat pants or listen to music loudly at the desk. I'm doing both right now!!! Of course none of my supervisors are here because it's Sunday and no residents are coming in to ask for anything because it's 7:30 in the morning, but dang it I know I'm doing something wrong! That's all that counts. Tomorrow morning I will wear black dress pants and listen to Led Zeppelin at a reasonable volume when my supervisors are working, too. There's a time and a place for protest and that's when no one can see you.
  24. This thread makes me so very happy.
  25. Yes, his cuteness does indeed really kick my butt, but my hat is clearly superior.
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