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Bringing Led Zeppelin to Quang Ngai, Vietnam


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My wife is Vietnamese and while we now live back in Oxford,England, I lived in Saigon for several years, and can speak the language fluently. We are currently back here on holiday,visiting my wife's family. They live in Quang Ngai,about 2 hours south of Danang. The surrounding countryside is the most beautiful I've ever seen, and this is not just a dazzled first impression- I've been here many times. Just up the road is My Lai, scene of the infamous massacre under Lieutenant Calley in 1968. I believe he was imprisoned for 3 years for leading the massacre of 500 men,women and children. Just beyond there is a large, unspoilt and beautiful beach called My Khe. Armed with my ipod and sounddock, I played the extended family (about 20 people) a large array of Zeppelin stuff with some Tinariwen thrown in, all at very high volume, as we tucked into seafood and powered our way through a couple of crates of Heineken.

They absolutely loved it, and I found it so enjoyable to introduce them to it. The Vietnamese love their music, but of course theirs is of a very different style. I explained to them the blues roots of rock and roll, which they were also fascinated by. I'm here for 2 more weeks, and rest assured I'll be obeying their demands to get the Led out with unabashed glee!! :D

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