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Dinar Bandosu: Turkish Psychedellic, Punk And Folk Rock Band


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En Guzel Kadin Istanbul's Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1X__-ZpkHow

Dinar Bandosu's MySpace: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=81130292

Dinar Bandosu, ottoman psychedelica/future-rock band based in Eastern Europe Istanbul-Turkey; influenced by Erkin Koray, Velvet Underground, Kemal Sunal, Baba Zula, Zen, Syd Barrett, 70's Turkish movies soundtracks, Stooges and Brian Eno. The art mentality of Tatlin, Malevic, Picasso, Brecht... The extremely funny and extremely serious Dinar Bandosu had been formed at the mid 2000’s. Firstly, they represented Turkey in the Syd Barrett “Have You Got it yet – Complete Works” Project where they recorded an insanely funny mix of “Interstellar Vegetable Man”. After some brillant long and extremely different performances in the underground --stanbul scene, they released their first album “Saykodelikde$ik” in the summer of 2007. The album is been warmly welcomed even by the mainstream media too. The first video clip of the first single “En Guzel KadIn istanbul” from “Saykodelikde$ik” had some interesting echoes from the audience. After releasing the debut album, Dinar Bandosu had played in the two most prestigious and populated summer festivals of Turkey. In the opening day of the Zeytinli Rock Fest, they played before the most famous mainstream bands but stil they were the highlight of the day: The second day of the BarI$arock Festival was another heyday for the band and the fans: Dinar Bandosu formed by Ali Asaf SarIca (vocals), Ali Ece (interstellar guitar, sazsitar), Feryin Kaya (bass), Asaf Zeki Yuksel (ney, theremine, trumpet, saxophone, weird instruments made by himself), YIlma Karatuna (drums, darbuka, bendir) is going on to rock the Turkish underground scene and working on the second album material.

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