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A while back VH1 classic showed a vid of Zep, which was like a full length film, and they were playing folk music with what I think to be Indians, or possibly arabs (not the american derrogatory sense of the word, I myself am part lebaneese, so I dont want any shit for this). Mr. Page I believe was playing Ovation Guitars. Just wandering.

Also, there seems to be a dispute amongst me and my friends. Some of them believe the marshall tucker band wrote cant you see, but I think it was the Allman Brothers Band, I know they both did versions, but I would like to know if anyone can tell me who wrote it.

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Some google search would probably answer your questions, but....

Here is a video you might enjoy

I also remember some MTV unplugged event with Plant and Page playing unplugged with Indian musicians.

To the best of my knowledge Marshall Tucker Band members wrote that song.

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