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This guy is amazing


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Not sure if this has been posted before...

Meet Ronald Jenkees.

My first thought was incorrect - he's not some kind of savant or anything, just a regular guy.

He plays by ear, kind of rejected the piano lessons and reading music thing.

The first vid is what blew me away. He was asked to remix a song (Beyond Right Now) for a group (STS9), and he liked the drum track so much he created a jam of his own for the drum track.

I can't play an instrument so I'm really intrigued and honestly blown away watching people truly "jam" - where the music seems to be a real time release of the feelings inside a person.

After seeing the first vid, there was a link to the next vid, where he basically riffs off "All of My Love" - very, very cool.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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