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  1. TypeO

    what did you get for christmas? any zep stuff?

    Always a good Christmas when you get some gear! Merry Christmas, all!
  2. TypeO

    Rap Thread

    Here’s a few I’ve been bumping constantly: Huncho Jack Jack Huncho & Quavo Huncho are my 2 most recent discoveries, as well as Kevin Gates’ newest Luca Brasi 3.
  3. TypeO

    you guys like memes?

    My name is TypeO and I approve of this meme! lol
  4. TypeO

    you guys like memes?

    I guess you could say I have a passing interest in memery, particularly those of a decidedly dank nature.
  5. TypeO

    you guys like memes?

  6. TypeO

    Make me laugh!

    This is the essence of why I'm such a fan of commercials. Its like a little miniature movie with the absolute perfect choice of soundtrack!
  7. TypeO

    Add one , trash one

    Mathematical certainty.
  8. TypeO


    Nice work. I'll venture a guess that much of the damage was on the leg?
  9. TypeO


    Took it in one afternoon, promised it the next evening, but ended up meeting the following day. But it was completed over an initial 24 hour period, between working my regular job and sleeping, lol.
  10. TypeO


    I'm guessing maybe early to mid 50s, but the customer didn't mention, and I didn't ask.
  11. TypeO


    Photo restoration I did this week.
  12. TypeO

    Make me laugh!

  13. TypeO

    Make me laugh!

    This wild-ass little dog we have trips me out daily!
  14. TypeO

    Meeting forum members in the flesh

    I know, right? LOL We met at the Them Crooked Vultures show in Atlanta - great show. Back in the days before nice smartphone pics, some kind of slider phone I had. I'm even uglier now, if you can believe it, LOL.
  15. TypeO

    I've Been Going to the...MOOOOvies

    Yes! My wife and I went Sunday, and it was so powerful. Denzell can usually be counted on to deliver. Awesome movie.