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  1. Everybody has their high points and low points, and it's clear that the live skills of each member tend to vary over their career (While it could be argued that Plant's vocals gradually got worse over time, it could be argued that Bonham's drumming got more versatile over time too). I know it's an oddly specific question, but as an individual who still has yet to really sink his teeth into later (post '72) concert recordings, I figure it would be interesting to hear what more seasoned fans have to say about how each member changed over time.
  2. Great Insight (that's true about Plant too, while I prefer '69, I do agree he shows a lot more skill in '70, especially in the HMMT/WLL medleys). Yeah, It's definitely a bit harder to assess Jones (I don't think I've ever heard him fuck up the bass riff during the chorus of Immigrant Song once, which is commendable as that riff is carpal tunnel city), but oddly enough, I found one of his more standout performances was during the last performance ever of "Whole Lotta Love" where he just jams with Bonham (like I said, I'm not too well-versed in '80 shows, but I've had Berlin on vinyl for about a year now, and that whole lotta love is the highlight of the whole show for me).
  3. My favourite at the moment for "How Many More Times" is Tampa 1970-04-09 (I've always enjoyed the feel of this gig, though I hear the medley from memphis 1970-04-17 is much better, just much worse sound quality), but a personal favourite of mine for "Whole Lotta Love" is 1971-09-29 (The power of the guitar tone on "Fortune Teller" combined with Bonham's 'samurai' drums could power a small city and the Jamming on "Good Times Bad Times" and "You Shook Me" is out of this world). Whenever people ask me which medley is best to listen to first, I always recommend the Whole Lotta Love from "Blueberry Hill", because I feel it doesn't go on for too long and captures a good amount of tunes that show off Zeppelin's chemistry nicely (Plus that combination of "Honey Bee">"Lemon Song" is my personal favourite Robert Plant Moment").
  4. I'm curious to ask the more knowledgeable members of this group about soundboard recordings, namely anything that came out in the last six months or is slated to come out this year. I hear empress valley may be releasing a board of the 1971-09-28 osaka show sometime soon, do they have a release schedule for stuff like that?
  5. I'm currently compiling every available 1977 Soundboard source and the only one I currently don't have is the 12 minute fragment of the june 23rd 1977 show (which I hear contains a fragment of the Guitar solo/Star spangled banner). does anybody know where I could download just the 12 minute board snippet in alternative to the whole show?
  6. Surprised that the 1970-03-21 Vancouver version hasn't been mentioned yet. The combination of Robert's Amazing Vocals (The heights he reaches here rival that of 1969-04-27), the early lyrics ("I Said You're gonna be at my side, baby, Till the day I die." --> Fuckin' Shivers!) and Jone's charismatic organ work (he somehow manages to outshine Page's guitar solo) definitely make it a worthy candidate for one of the best. I know some may say I'm biased to like this one better because it was recorded in my hometown (I also firmly believe that the best version ever of "We're Gonna Groove" came from the 1970-03-21 soundboard tape too) but I can't think of another version that made me feel as emotional and inspired at the vancouver version of this song. In my opinion, it encompasses the pinnacle of Zeppelin's abilities, especially during what many fans consider to be their very-best year.