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  1. I prefer TSRTS 1987 CD release

    still love to see celebration day live (video), you know it's in the can ,especially cuz its on the LP release
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  11. Los Angeles,CA-The Forum- June 22, 1977

    Awesome post dave. yeah i went two nights,i was eleven years old ,my older brother took cheap camara with us first night we were 20 something row on floor but i ran up to front of stage and snapped a few ,here's a couple of them. mikesline
  12. Net. Photo Thread.

    i thought i would make a thread of photos that you found on net. maybe you found some pic's in obscure places? please share here. Thanx.
  13. i find led zeppelin in RELATING place every time i hear " going to california " because in the lyrics "mountains and canyons start to tremble and shake" are related to me cause this lyrical content was based apon the san fernando earthquke that happened back in 1971 and i remember it quite well since i live in san fernando all my life. the story goes that jimmy page was living in malibu at that time ,and them canyons shooke good but our house nearly came off it foundation. so i find that song very personal to me.mike.
  14. Live shows

    sorry,but there will never be a reunion tour ever gonna happen because mr. john bonham pasted away back in 1980. and in my opioion if you did'nt see them in the years of 1968 to 1980 then you will never see (led zeppelin) again,sorry but that's the fact! but-like everyone here at this forum would love to see jimmy,robert,jonesy and jason tour together - but led zeppelin it would'nt be.