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  1. downloading them now , i think mike millard passed away and someone close to him (i dont know who) has access to his archives ,i'm glad the black sabbath long beach 75 show came of it ,but 'im happy to hear -soon, the forum & long beach show ,i was there at two forum shows at 11yrs old (cuz of big brother) first night and 25th when keef-moon came out ,i remember not knowing who he was at time-lol my avatar is a pic i took at first night,i ran up to barrier and snapped a few -something you could never do ,these days
  2. Here is Original Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Promo from '73. Iwas told by geezer butlers teac (les martin) it was filmed in geezer's garden,uk
  3. still love to see celebration day live (video), you know it's in the can ,especially cuz its on the LP release
  4. Awesome post dave. yeah i went two nights,i was eleven years old ,my older brother took cheap camara with us first night we were 20 something row on floor but i ran up to front of stage and snapped a few ,here's a couple of them. mikesline
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